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about GLOBAL SurveyORS’ DAY

The path to Global Surveyors’ Day began back in ancient Egypt when society first used surveying techniques to divide land. Throughout history, surveyors have remained the pioneers of discovery shaping our world to its current existence by exploring the unknown on earth and in space. Fast forward to 2013 when the signing of the Budapest declaration created a common worldwide celebration for those leaders, past and present. We are proud to proclaim Global Surveyors’ Day as a way to globally recognize the ground-breakers, pioneers, individuals and the industry that has shaped our history and continues to be the foundation of our communities.

Global Surveyors’ Day will be held on March 21 every year

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Global Surveyors’ Day Launch

The first edition of Global Surveyors’ Day took place on Wednesday, 21 March 2018, exactly in the middle of the Land and Poverty Conference at the World Bank headquarters in Washington, DC USA.

We are very honored that the World Bank accepted to host this Première.

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