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NSPS (USA) – Communication

The theme for this year’s National Surveyors Week is communication. If you have received my emails, then we have been successful. If not, then this is an example of something which needs to be addressed by our organization. Communication is a two-way street and when executed well creates a level of understanding between parties. We have all taken those contract seminars which talk about a meeting of the minds, and this is precisely the nature of our focus this year.


A few years ago, then vice-president Cavell placed National Surveyors Week under the charge of the publicity committee, understanding then that the purpose of NSW is to get the word out. That the land surveying profession is vital to a stable democracy where land ownership is the basis for most family wealth accumulation. He never directed how it should be done, only that it become a part of the bigger picture of how the National Society of Surveyors engage with our constituents and the public.

There are many ways to address surveyors in general and the public and we have continued in those tried and true veins. The National Society has emailed every state director, every state society executive director or managing agent, and every state society president whose email addresses could be obtained. If you have not received that email, please let us know. Please also check with your society president and executive director to see whether they have received those emails and how they have followed up. The need to directly reach the surveyors in your state is vital to the overall health and wellbeing of NSPS. We ask this only as a follow up exercise as there has been little feedback from the various states to the National Society about what they are doing locally.

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